Another awesome destination trip during my summer Colorado visit, this time riding 3 Harleys to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. The scenery was great, from the painted canyons of Utah, to the majestic plateaus of Arizona (and the Grand Canyon itself, of course !), to the beautiful Black Canyon of Colorado. Pete (on his 2005 FatBoy AE), John (on his 2000 1200C Sporty) and I (on a rented 2009 Dyna Lowrider from Aspen Valley Harley-Davidson) had a great time and the hawgs ran flawless. We had all sorts of weather from high heat to cold rain (and lightning too !). The food we ate on the trip was awesome, but the accommodations not so much : we camped in a RV campground the 1st night, stayed in a 1950’s motel the 2nd night, stayed in a Indian – whoops I mean Native American run motel the 3rd night and then there’s THE MOTEL FROM HELL in lovely Durango, Colorado for our last night of travel. I’ll let Pete tell your more about that and other things from his website link). Enjoy! 🙂
See also Pete’s Grand Canyon Trip Photos(click link) for more vacation fun !

Just a side note: No photographs ever taken can compare to seeing all these beautiful views in person, so get out there and see them !!!

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